Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The soap...

Here is one of the photographs i have taken of the soap carvings that i did at the start of the summer holiday.

When i'd made the face, which i wanted to resemble a cameo, i had the idea to make my name, with the head as the 'o'. I think that it looks good inbetween the 'z' and the 'e'.

Then i got an idea for the viral that my tutors wanted us all to try and come up with to advertise our degree course.

Idea... Carve letters to spell out 'fine art for design' out of bars of soap, then use everybodies individual carved head, to act as light bulbs around the title, which would then look like a sign lighting up. This would only be the first few seconds of a viral, but i thought it would look good, and it will advertise our work at the same time!

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