Thursday, 22 September 2011

Visual culture; John Berger

Our tutor has told us to look at John Berger's video "ways of seeing". The first thing that caught my attention, was the typography used, very 70's!!
I watchedthe first quarter of the first episode and funnily enough, found myself feeling like i were in a trance, which we talked about in class, when learning of advertising. The images and the music/ voice over are very calming, the camera zooming in and out of the picture made me feel like the painting was actually real infront of me, and as if i were leaning into a gallery wall to get a closer look.

Eventhough this was filmed in the seventies, it makes real sense with what he says in relation to the ease of art work being seen all over the world, by thousands of different people, at the same time. Technology has allowed us to do this, allowed me to visit a gallery without leaving my house- thanks to the internet, allowed me to see my favourite piece over and over thanks to my camera, allowed artist's work to become famous thanks to mobile phones.

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