Friday, 26 October 2012

Numero 100

Today I am celebrating my 100th post!

Strike a pose!
Layering up...

Layering with other work...

(All imagery drawn from Star Magazine, issue 454)
Thank You.


Looking back through my early second year work, the food packaging drawings stuck out like a sore thumb, but for a good reason this time!

So using this idea and some quick fashion themed drawings, I came up with these two very simple 'advertisements'.
Using photoshop, i chose some 'mint choccy' colours, repeated the image, and added the Aero brand logo.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

David Shrigley

Today I went to Bradford's Impressionist Gallery 1, to attend the David Shrigley talk. I took my "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BOOK?" with me for signing, and this was what he did....
When i asked him to 'sign' my book, Shrigley copied the subtitle,
directly underneath, in the same font, same size, in black, which has rather rattled my cage, but having thought about it, i suppose it's unique! Unless he does that to everybodies books?!
Here are some images which make me laugh everytime i see them, from the book.
And here are my notes from the hour long-ish talk.


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

McDonalds! McDonalds! KFC and Pizza Hut!

Patrick Stewart is back!
This time i'm collaging some even older work in with this image, because i'm looking at food and it's packaging, as well as fashion, for this module.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Friday, 19 October 2012

Aardman Animations

This is an animation for "Never In Your Wildest Dreams" song, by Tina Turner feat. Barry White.
Producers of Wallace and Gromit have made this pop promo video/animation, 1997.
Directed by Bill Mather (who was also the Set Designer) and Dilly Gent.

Levi Jeans

Looking through D&AD Awards from 1997, i came across this advert, which was categorized under 'Tv commercials upto 60 seconds'.
Title; Doctors
Director; Spike Jonez
Client; Levi Strauss & Co

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Celebrity Juice

Keith Lemon and Nik Naks
Mixing some of my fave celebrities and fave snack foods!

Dog Tooth

I have the idea of illustrating fashion "sayings" example DOG TOOTH.
This is, obviously, a working progress, more to come!


Developing a man's face from a fashion article, changing the features, the accessories, (glasses, facial hair), and adding some doodle style imagery, (speech bubbles, arrows etc.)


Collaging past pieces of work together on Photoshop
Using work from Year 2 and a 'my kinda fashion' illustration, which i have named so becasue it is nothing like what you woul dfind in Vogue for example, i have created this, "Woman in supermarket".

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Hannah Silva

I found this image whilst searching Google, for a photograph of a fish for me to illustrate for some fashion drawings i'm working on, i think it's lovely!!

Here is a little bio from Hannah Silva's blog;

Hannah Silva has shown her theatre work internationally, including in Japan, Germany, Holland and Belgium and is currently touring her solo show Opposition, A political play on words. As a poet she has toured with Apples and Snakes, performed at Latitude and the London Word Festival and on Radio 3’s The Verb. She is currently developing an opera Thanatophobia with the composer Joanna Lee through an Aldeburgh Music Jerwood Fellowship and has received funding from the Jerwood Charitable Foundation to research and develop a new play, Hunger. She recently co-wrote a 90 minute verse drama Marathon Tales with Colin Teevan for BBC Radio 3 and is ‘playwright in residence’ with the Lady Eleanor Holles School. Her poetry is featured in anthologies from Penned in the Margins, Avalanche Books and Bloodaxe.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Kat Von D

Watching Miami and L.A Ink i have always been interested in Kat Von D's ever changing fashion, make-up and hair styles. So here are some of her best looks (which i will then give my opinion on, consisting mostly of jealous bitchiness!).
Here we have Kat Von D in a tightie whitie number, with what i'm sure are chicken fillets down her bra, and lovely curled locks of long brown hair.
Barbie?! Is that you? No, it's Miss D wearing her top just under her nipples, her pants just above her lady garden and a few strands of straw on her head.
And this last image is when i love her style/look. I think that the red hair really suits her skin colour, i love her shiny silver leggings, and am glad to see she's covered up a little more than usual. 

Bob Monkhouse

I am starting to research comedians who use some sort of art in their work, whether it be sketches, illustration, stories/ books, T.V or film, for my upcoming dissertation.
Above is a sketch by the late Bob Monkhouse, and i am going to use my blog as a place for storing all of my "online finds", like this 30 second sketch.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fashion... turn to the left!

I'm looking into entering a Fashion competition as part of our Major Project, with my illustrations.
I don't read many magazines, other than Style which comes with The Sunday Times, and have come to realise that i need to be more involved in the world going on around me, not just for Fashion, but art in general.

So I have started out lightly, looking at Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine, and doing some sketches from the imagery inside.

The first thing I wanted to draw was my pair of running shoes.
 After scanning it in and looking at the format, I cleaned it up ohn Photoshop and removed some of the unnecessary drawings.

After visiting my college library, and having chosen a couple of fashion mags to get inspiration out of, i drew this directly from an article about the brand GAP.

I have removed the wonky line from the bottom of the image, the GAP logo and the little ink blobs.
I will still work on these peices, perhaps i will add some computer typed text to replace my typography, or add colour, who knows?

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Heinz Adverts/YCN

Major project A; Competitions and Awards.
I have been reading into breifs from past competitions on different websites, to try understand the high quality i need my work to reach in order to compete with some of the current artists making work now!
YCN had a hand full of breifs to choose from last year, and it was the Heinz Salad Cream Advert Breif which caught my attention first, i dont know if i can put the winner video up yet, so here are some fun, young adverts which have been aired.  

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Lecture Pictures

Hannah Tiffany and myself could start our very own doodle collaboration project, with these quirky "two legged, slim bodied, aliens" (quoting Nicola Wind) :)
.. there may very well be more to come!