Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Our house, on the end of the street!

Whilst visiting my grandma in Whitby i took 56 photographs around her end of terrace house, because as i sat in the living room, i noticed that the sun was beaming in through one of her stainglass windows and making a gorgeous pattern on the wooden flooring. I chose these few for my blog, either for the fact that i think they are good, or they have personal meanings.

good boy!

Whilst relaxing in Hebden Bridges park on sunday, my freshly groomed westie decided to roll around in the newly cut grass. So i thought that if i took a short series of quick photos it could end up as a sort of flip book, if they were to be printed out.


Grocery shopping snaps

I took these photographs in Whitby's Somerfield on a grocery shop with my Grandma. I used the black and white filter on my camera, and let the camera hang down on the strap, so i held it at torso level and took the photos disreetly of the passers-by.