Monday, 16 May 2011

Images and text

Katherine Streeter was another artist on the list of people to look up, her work is very of the time, it feels like the norm, i feel comfotable when i look at it, i feel like ive known it for years, i feel like i can see my own work in it, obviously her work is alot more rounded and she has her own distinctive style down to a "T".

I found this on "we heart it"'s website, and i chose it because again it has both imagery and text within the peice, i really like hand written fonts, i myself am trying to improve the different ways in which i can write things, i recently bought this book to help me with my skills and to try and learn a litle around the subject.

Paul Mccarthy

Whilst having a tutorial about my influence file, i was given this artists name to look at his work, i find this video very disturbing, strange, interesting, and the idea is an extremely odd one to say the least!

His drawings are what i was told to look for though, so i carried on searching and found some really inspiring stuff!

I love his line quality within the drawings he makes, the splashes of colour and random peices of other medias encorporated around the drawings, collaging it all together, i think that this will have an effect on my work for the summer project, which will be given to us within the next month or so. I am really looking forward to drawing now, where as before, when i first started this course, i hated the thought of picking up a pencil and trying to draw something accuratley, and still to this day i dont want to use a pencil, i have found that my preference lies in the dip pen and ink! I will certainly be looking at more of Mccarthy's work in the future.

Friday, 6 May 2011

water is an intersting thing

Whenever i am visiting a place, i am always attracted to whatever water there is, whether it be the sea, a canal or even a puddle!
For some of these photographs, i used a pin hole effect on my camera, i changed the colours from natural to either monotone, or pop art.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

where's my foot today?

i have been taking these photos when i have seen a floor which ive thought to be unusual?! a couple are from museums in London, some from galleries in Dublin.