Monday, 16 May 2011

Paul Mccarthy

Whilst having a tutorial about my influence file, i was given this artists name to look at his work, i find this video very disturbing, strange, interesting, and the idea is an extremely odd one to say the least!

His drawings are what i was told to look for though, so i carried on searching and found some really inspiring stuff!

I love his line quality within the drawings he makes, the splashes of colour and random peices of other medias encorporated around the drawings, collaging it all together, i think that this will have an effect on my work for the summer project, which will be given to us within the next month or so. I am really looking forward to drawing now, where as before, when i first started this course, i hated the thought of picking up a pencil and trying to draw something accuratley, and still to this day i dont want to use a pencil, i have found that my preference lies in the dip pen and ink! I will certainly be looking at more of Mccarthy's work in the future.

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    this is the link for the video, it hasnt seemed to work above.