Friday, 28 September 2012

John Lewis

John Lewis really know how to make an advert, i can watch them over and over again, the emotions of the characters always draw my attention and play on my heart strings!
Creative Review wrote; The ad, from Adam & Eve/DDB aims to illustrate how, while many things in life have changed over the past 80 or so years, some things - including romance, and, um, John Lewis' dedication to service - have not. Creatives: Aidan McClure, Laurent Simon, Shay Reading, Frank Ginger. Director: Ringan Ledwidge. Production company: Rattling Stick.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bradford National Media Museum

No matter how many times i visit, i always find something new, or something that i have noticed on a previous visit.

The Media Museum is always a great day out.
It offers everything; from photography to figurines, film to fancy glass flooring with computers underneath!!! :)
 (see photo 6).
My favourite part of the day was when I chose a program from a catalogue, and we were then ushered into a private screen for 5 people, and watched "Funny Bones" from the 90's.
"The Animation Gallery tells the story of animation through the years and is home to some of the nation’s favourite characters. Also, celebrating 50 years of his programmes, a collection of the work by the Thunderbird’s puppeteer, Gerry Anderson, is back on display in the Museum’s TV Heaven gallery where more than 1,000 programmes from the last sixty years can be watched for free in unique viewing booths."

Harry Hill aka Dr Matthew Hall

I purchased this hilarious, clever and charming book today, from, of all places...
His drawings, and the way he writes, make me literally laugh out loud, i had a smile on my face whilst reading this on the train home today, and every now and then i'd let out a little giggle!
I would reccomend this to ANYONE, any age, it is EXCELLENT!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Elton John, Keith Lemon & Patrick Stewart all rolled into one


The brief was to make a presentation of our best work from FAFD Year 2, using a maximum of 15 slides and 15 desciptive words.

Elton John, Keith Lemon & Patrick Stewart all rolled into one!



We were asked to make a series of work, so i made 5 drawings of the past land lords/ladies of the Roves Return from Coronaton Street.

It took about 200 photographs to make this video, and the final A3 drawings at the end of the video were scanned in and added afterwards.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

American Elecrtic Tattoo

Craig Jackman
Having watched L.A Ink since it started, I have witnessed everything that has going on in the rival tattoo shop, American Electric.
Mr. Jackman is my favourite 'character' on the show. I think that Craig is a really great artist, he isn't too serious, and generally seems to enjoy his work, here's some from his website;

Paulie Tattoo
Looking at Paulie's website, i can see how much he has improved since being on the show. This is my favourite piece out of his online portfolio;


Amy Nicoletto
Ruth Pineda
Now, for regular viewers of the show, you will know that these two aren't the best of friends, but here they are together in Bizzare Magazine! Great shoot!

Clothes Show LIVE!

Nail Art

This year i am once again attending Clothes Show Live to do some Christmas shopping, and research a little into next years fashion!
By pressing the 'like' button on Facebook, i can now see everybody (who is going to and involved with the show). One person who caught my attention is; 
"Kayleigh O'Connor, a 24 year old media studies student from Birmingham has impressed everyone with her nail art." (Facebook)!/media/set/?set=a.468811129818970.114784.120601417973278&type=3

Seeing this i wanted to make my nails a little more interesting, and thinking back to a photo i'd seen in a magazine earlier on in the week, i tried this; 

Follow this link to join me and get tickets to this year's Clothes Show LIVE!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Sorry seems tobe the hardest word

Five different coloured print versions of Elton John, turned into monochrome images, again using PHOTOSHOP.


Using my drawing of Jeremy Clarkson from last year, and photoshop, i have completed another one of my desciptive words.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


These are some more drawings i've done, describing myself/my art, for the summer project.

I am going to re-draw the 'soap' peice, and use a bar of soap instead...
'TV based' is my favourite so far.

EYE see you

I have made a ten second video on MovieMaker, using four drawings of a pair of eyes,which took me a few hours to draw,scan in and perfect on photoshop- which if the link works, should give the illusion of the eyes blinking.!/photo.php?v=10151062688557219

I cant upload the video, so follow the link to facebook.
Hopefully this video will work and you can all see what i've been upto!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

What do you think?; Distinct Style

Using Photoshop and my favourite peice of work from Year 2, i have designed this!

For our summer project that we have been given, we have to describe our work in no more than 15 words. The words that i have chosen are; #bad art, simplicity, TV based, soaps, linear, look alike, distinct style (and) humorous. (Equalling 12)

I will be posting the other words as soon as i scan them in :)