Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Bradford National Media Museum

No matter how many times i visit, i always find something new, or something that i have noticed on a previous visit.

The Media Museum is always a great day out.
It offers everything; from photography to figurines, film to fancy glass flooring with computers underneath!!! :)
 (see photo 6).
My favourite part of the day was when I chose a program from a catalogue, and we were then ushered into a private screen for 5 people, and watched "Funny Bones" from the 90's.
"The Animation Gallery tells the story of animation through the years and is home to some of the nation’s favourite characters. Also, celebrating 50 years of his programmes, a collection of the work by the Thunderbird’s puppeteer, Gerry Anderson, is back on display in the Museum’s TV Heaven gallery where more than 1,000 programmes from the last sixty years can be watched for free in unique viewing booths."

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