Monday, 23 April 2012

looking something like finished (almost)

Now i have all of the finalised drawings, and have chosen quotes for my local celebrities, i am using photoshop to get a better idea of the finished drawing sheet. Here is the outcome;

Friday, 20 April 2012

Elton John in print

In the printroom we are doing colour seperation. We were asked to find one of our images to use for this task, so i looked back at my "The Future" newspaper that i made for our 2nd year '55 and a half' practice exhibition. In the newspaper i had several drawings that were compatible for the screenprinting techniques. We photocopied the images to blow them up to a size closer to what they would turn out like, and decided between Simon Cowell, Elton John, Prince Philip and a burger!! Elton was chosen, because of the line qualities, it's size, it's recognizablity and the humour it holds. These images show the stages i went through, getting from the black line- to the full colour version.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

More Ink Drawings

Photoshop work 3

The remainder of my work...

Some of these work, and some of them do not, I am clearly able to see the differnece between the two, and i think that this is beacuse i have been looking more at other working artists, Paul Thurlby in particular.

Here is some of Paul Thurlby's screen printwork;

Photoshop work 2

I scanned the newly improved tags in onto my laptop, and have been trying different ways of making an image with them, here are the results;

Photoshop work

In the screen print room a few months ago i made some tags for our typography task. The paper which the tags were made from is poor quality and so when i printed the ink on top, they wrinkled and the corners turned up on the tag.

The outcome didn't look professional or of any sort of quality. So i used my personal study time to draw back into them, with black ink.

Here they are;