Thursday, 31 January 2013

Videos from

I have recently started following, on Twitter and facebook,
 and they have some amazing videos/films, photos/images,
 all from the artistic/creative community.
The link below will lead you to a video taken from the website, which is in their words,
"A trippy animation, by Cyriak for Bonobo".
I can't find any description/ artist statement for the piece, so I am going to describe what i think and feel about the work.

This image is a still from the film, the reason i have picked this film out is because it reminds me of the types of dreams that I have.
The repetition, people and objects, going round and round in circles, not knowing where one thing starts and the other finishes. These images are similar to the ones which occupy my brain when I fall to sleep, I often imagine a nail going through pages of a book, but I never reach the end, even after what seems like hours.
It also reminds me of the symptoms characterized with OCD, repeating the same action, again and again, the obsessions and compulsions- which can start out as minor rituals (like this film starts out with the boy flipping on a trampoline), but which can quickly result in a number of obsessive behaviours, (just as this film ends with a dozen or so different activities overlapping).
Overall, a great video, and a great site.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Billy Connolly Art

Researching into "Comedians who make art", for my dissertation,
I came across Billy Connolly's 'fine art' feature, on Castle Galleries website. 
Below is a video and paragraph about the artist's work, from the website.

Ideas and Inspirations
The process used by Billy Connolly is similar to that of the Surrealist Automatism movement, whereby the artist allows the hand to move randomly across the paper or canvas, without an intent to create anything specifically.
Connolly's art can also be likened to that of the cave paintings that originated in Aurignacian culture, possessing a charming simplicity, yet an extraordinary self-awareness and humanity. Connolly's characters are faceless, completely anonymous; seemingly devoid of emotion or expression and yet, the emotional connection with the audience is quite prevalent. It is perhaps, the simplicity of these characters that allows the viewer to connect with them so deeply, there is nothing contrived or intended about this work. It is creativity in its purest form, it has come from a place inside the artist that is not concerned with an audience or showmanship, it is not driven by a reaction or approval; it is simply being, each drawing has taken its own path and begins to come alive as the viewer creates their own unique narrative.
Bill Wyman - Billy Connolly Unveils His Debut Art Collection
(Vic Reeves, Billy Connolly and Bill Wyman at a private view of Connollys debut art collection of fine art pen and ink drawings at The Halcyon Gallery, Bond Street on March 14, 2012 in London, England. Photos from
Bill Wyman - Billy Connolly Unveils His Debut Art Collection

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Art Presentations

The "Multiple" film
You can find my other presentation, The "Commission" film, on my You Tube channel.

ZOE GALE is... Scarface

The images below show the fabric and paper samples produced as a series of illustrated scarves, for Major Project A.

After making these maquettes, i narrowed the collection down to a series of 3 scarves.
I printed one of the designs, A0 size, photoshopped the other two designs on,
here are the results.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Over the chritmas break, I have worked mainly on my videos for the Diversity NOW! competiton, and in the last week or so, my thoughts have returned to the multiple, which is a scarf.

Using a combination of my illustration, photography and photoshop skills, i designed a few scarves, (pre tutorial)

Here is one...
The newer designs will be uploaded tomorrow, if Blogger works by then :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


I'm starting to feel less and less aware of what i am trying to say with these videos, im finding it quite difficult to fit everything into the quick timespan...
I dont want to make the videos any longer though, as i feel that they work better as short bursts of quick moving images..
Check out all my videos on my YouTube page