Thursday, 31 January 2013

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I have recently started following, on Twitter and facebook,
 and they have some amazing videos/films, photos/images,
 all from the artistic/creative community.
The link below will lead you to a video taken from the website, which is in their words,
"A trippy animation, by Cyriak for Bonobo".
I can't find any description/ artist statement for the piece, so I am going to describe what i think and feel about the work.

This image is a still from the film, the reason i have picked this film out is because it reminds me of the types of dreams that I have.
The repetition, people and objects, going round and round in circles, not knowing where one thing starts and the other finishes. These images are similar to the ones which occupy my brain when I fall to sleep, I often imagine a nail going through pages of a book, but I never reach the end, even after what seems like hours.
It also reminds me of the symptoms characterized with OCD, repeating the same action, again and again, the obsessions and compulsions- which can start out as minor rituals (like this film starts out with the boy flipping on a trampoline), but which can quickly result in a number of obsessive behaviours, (just as this film ends with a dozen or so different activities overlapping).
Overall, a great video, and a great site.

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