Thursday, 7 February 2013

Scarves & Handkerchiefs

Looking into the different uses of handkerchiefs in a new book "The Printed Square", which I bought in Leeds Art Gallery Shop last week, I have been searching online.

I found this video, where two hankies have been re-used to make a bra!

Looking up 'silk scarves', I found The Telegraph had an article in the fashion section about the history of scarves, and why, as Huey Lewis and the News tell us, it is "hip to be square".

'Garbo’s Eyes', Cecil Beaton, Beaudesert, wool, 2010 Photo: DREW GARDNER

'St Tropez', unknown manufacturer, silk, 1960s Photo: DREW GARDNER

These are my favourite two scarves out of the ones displayed in this article, because I can see my own illustrative style in them, and can imagine my work translating into elegant scarves like these.

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Using Twitter to help further research into hankies, I came across this website, which doesn't sell hankies, but i really liked the layout of the owebsite, and the images used are great!

The photographs remind me of music videos for Britney Spears&Will.I.Am, or Nicki Minaj, they have a similar style and creative flare!

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