Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Contemporary Artist Research

I have come across a few artist's websites through "It's Nice That" and here are some images and links for future use.
Owen Silverwood
"Silverwood has just finished assisting photographer Dan Tobin Smith for the past year, and is currently on a roll of creating work of his own for clients such as Nokia and Liberties. Multi-talented in more than one discipline, he is currently forging his way into moving image scene as one half of directing-duo Bison."
Teju Behun
The cover of Behun's new autobiographical illustrated book, which shows her journey throughout life, as both a folk artist and a performer.
But her book via the link below;
Frieke Janssens
This artist/photographer has been commissioned, by Belgium theatre company 'Toneelhuis', to break away from the traditional images we see of actors, and she has created these moody images, one for each person in the theatre. 

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