Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fashion... turn to the left!

I'm looking into entering a Fashion competition as part of our Major Project, with my illustrations.
I don't read many magazines, other than Style which comes with The Sunday Times, and have come to realise that i need to be more involved in the world going on around me, not just for Fashion, but art in general.

So I have started out lightly, looking at Pigeons and Peacocks Magazine, and doing some sketches from the imagery inside.

The first thing I wanted to draw was my pair of running shoes.
 After scanning it in and looking at the format, I cleaned it up ohn Photoshop and removed some of the unnecessary drawings.

After visiting my college library, and having chosen a couple of fashion mags to get inspiration out of, i drew this directly from an article about the brand GAP.

I have removed the wonky line from the bottom of the image, the GAP logo and the little ink blobs.
I will still work on these peices, perhaps i will add some computer typed text to replace my typography, or add colour, who knows?

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