Monday, 15 October 2012

Kat Von D

Watching Miami and L.A Ink i have always been interested in Kat Von D's ever changing fashion, make-up and hair styles. So here are some of her best looks (which i will then give my opinion on, consisting mostly of jealous bitchiness!).
Here we have Kat Von D in a tightie whitie number, with what i'm sure are chicken fillets down her bra, and lovely curled locks of long brown hair.
Barbie?! Is that you? No, it's Miss D wearing her top just under her nipples, her pants just above her lady garden and a few strands of straw on her head.
And this last image is when i love her style/look. I think that the red hair really suits her skin colour, i love her shiny silver leggings, and am glad to see she's covered up a little more than usual. 

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