Saturday, 23 July 2011

soap carving...

I did my soap carving last week and am very pleased with how it has turned out. I made my younger sister join in and gave her a little art lesson as we were doing it. She wanted to do something for her art summer project, India, so i helped her carve an elephant. I started on my idea of the cameo face, so i found a photograph of the side of my head/face and sketched onto the bar of soap. Then i got my rusty carving tools out and started hacking away at it, and before i knew it the table was covered in soap dust as my sister called it, and i was quite surprised that i had managed to do it without it crumbling!

I still wanted to find some other peoples work, so here is what i found on a quick search.

This is by an artist that i found on blogger, called Von Glitschka in 2009. It is quite similar to mine in the way that it is very curved and smooth.

I will put photos of mine up when i get onto my own pc.

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