Saturday, 23 July 2011

balloon portraits>>>

As part of my summer project i am to make a balloon portrait of myself. i have attempted two so far but am not happy with the outcomes. I am trying to make all of my work link together, and as i love cameos as much as i do, i thought that this would be a good link for the work. So, so far i've just drawn my side profile from a photograph on the balloon, but its just sat in the middle, so im doing a little bit of research.

This first image is from "Lady luck rules ok" site which closed down some years ago, but i like the naive quality to the drawings.

Next i found a woman named Serena, who makes "twisted balloon art" on cruise ships. I thought her work was lively and has great character!

Here is a more intricate detailed balloon model, i think that the hair idea in this one will help me in my own work...

This man's work, Nathan John Booth, is different to all of the others that i have found so far, but when i came across it, i realised that i have done something similar to this myself already! When i drew some quick first attempts, and then popped them, the same effect was given, and i actually thought it looked good, so now ive seen a similar peice, i thik i may even make them like this!

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