Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spot adverts

In preparation for my own spot advert, I am researching which TV adverts I remember most, looking at the differences between them, picking out which parts work best, and duplicating these in my own advert, in my own style.
Since I have chosen 'Freederm' spot products to use in my film, I will start with this brand.
I am most drawn to the illustration section in this advert, I assume this has been produced using stop motion, which is what I use in my videos.
What I like most in this advert is the guy holding up the screen and the spot is animated through it's 'cycle', something that I am trying to achieve in my work.
This newest advert from Freederm keeps my attention as it seems to be telling more of a story than previous adverts. The screen/page turning effect is great, and makes me feel somehow more connected, as if we are all part of the narrative, which I'm sure they are trying to achieve, as I am within their target market age.
'Clearasil advert 1989- Patsy Palmer'
I like this advert for it's characters and their cheekiness.
'Clearasil Pizza Face'
This one has the voice over which ALL films these days seem to include on their adverts, a deep and dark voice, bouncing off of the young teens voices, I like this contrast in sound..
and the pepperoni pimples.
'Fotoshop by Adobe'
I came across this video whilst looking for other spot treatment adverts, its great!
I am unsure about whether its intentions are to make people laugh, or if they are purely to make us, the consumers, realise what actually happens in celebrities/models photo-shoots, but that's beside the point. It is a brilliant way of making women feel better about themselves, and a fresh outlook on what is currently occurring in the media.
'Kate Moss; L'Oreal Hair Advert Audition'
I have included this clip of Moss because my previous shoots have involved me "whipping my hair back and forth", as Willow Smith's song suggests.
This can be seen in the videos below (from my YouTube channel);

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