Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sia Music videos

Live on Jools Holland
You've Changed
I really like this video, such an interesting idea, and it makes me think more about what I am doing in the videos which I create.
I too have hand held props, which are quick and easy to produce, and do the job- but they add more personality I feel. I like that the hands can be seen turning the numbers and holding the words along the bottom.
If I'd have seen this video sooner, my work would be rather different, and visually better. Although I have thought about most aspects, I forgot about the backgrounds, until it comes to the production part, where I make changes using Photoshop if I need to, but I could have done so much more. There would have been backgrounds, as at the moment I just have plain white screen behind me, there would have been more thought going into the idea behind the work.
I will use this video for developmental ideas or future recommendations.
Clap Your Hands
All of Sia's music videos are experimental and visually stunning, but this one is my favourite; I think that is down to the puppets.

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