Thursday, 20 October 2011

Tutorial from Grace, 03.10.11

Back at the beggining of the month, when i had just handed in the "crisp and map" project, i had the following tutorial;
Make 'Chrispian' some friends
Put a narrative behind the character
Different versions of him, knitted into tubular patterns, paper, card, fabrics
Can these be worn? Made intercative somehow?
They have a sense of humour
Sell the balaclava 'Chrispian', with a book, child-like, but for adults.

What does he hate the smell of ? ;chip pans, cooking fat.
What are his greatest fears ? ;fires, fat people.
What does he do in his spare time? ;look after his crispy goldfish, "seasalt".
What is his biggest dream/ambition in life? ;To go to Vegas and gamble his 'chips' away!

I drew up a Facebook page for 'Crispian' in my sketchbook, with this information I have imagined.

One of the ideas that kept cropping up in my tutorials, was to up-scale my summer project drawings and incorporate Crispian into them.

So i have looked at posters with a graphic sort of feel to them, for abit of an idea how i could make my own posters look, and so that im not just making things up off of the top of my head!!

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