Monday, 3 October 2011

My balaclava crisp man!


Tutorial with Richard;
The main part of my summer project was a book, which had pen and ink drawings of my facial features. I am to expand on this, by scaling them up on an OHP, using a paint brush instead of the pen, and maybe take them into the print room.

Then we went onto look at my brain, and the first thing that he said was that it reminded him of "Loose women", on ITV1 at lunch time on weekdays. I hate this show, but must admit that i do watch it now and again. So this led us onto thinking about T.V and soaps. Back to "Coronation Street", which i looked at and did work about in my first year.

Looking through my sketches for my "2 week project", he told me that the humour within my work was similar to that in Harry Hill, The Mighty Boosh and Sarah Lucas.

My drawing of the "balaclava crisp man" made him laugh, i didn't intend for it to be funny, but the more i looked at it, the funnier i found it too! It looks a little like Edvard Munch's "The Scream".

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