Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Channel 4; "Mummifying Alan"

This documentary amazed me completely when i sat down to watch it last night.
Alan Billis had a teminal illness, and has volunteered his body to be used in mummifying experiments.
Here is Alan with his wife, before he lost his battle against lung cancer.
This is Alan after he has been through the different stages of mummification.

I have always been interested in the human body, and like everybody, i love learning new things, in this case it is how things were preserved all those thousands of years ago. So when i saw the advertisment for this program, i was very excited to see the processes the Egyptians went through to preserve the bodies of the pharaohs.

The people involved with making Alan into a mummy were:
Dr Stephen Buckley, Joann Fletcher, Professor Peter Vanezis and a woman whos name i cannot find ANYWHERE.

They went through every procedure in the same exact way that the Egyptians would have done. After each process, Alan's body was compared with the xrays or photofraphs of the Egyptian mummy bodies.

The leathery texture and appearance of the skin, the size of the scar made from the removal of all the major organs (other than the heart, which was thought of by the Egyptians in the same way as we think about the brain today). The shrinkage of the brain was probably one of the most shocking things on the documentary. Eygptians used to scrape the brain out through the nostrils, but they didnt want to do that to Alan's body, as one of the mummies had the brain kept in tact, and on the xray, it had shrunk and dropped to the back of the skull, this also happened to Alan's mummified body.

I recommend everybody to watch this!

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