Friday, 29 March 2013


New typography to update my website

 Making 'art' is all very well and good, but to have more successful and meaningful pieces, the work needs to be produced for a reason or purpose.
Developing my work from my past videos, which are based on the theme of beauty, but looking at the uglier side- SPOTS; to watch my videos on YouTube, click the link below.
The images above are photographs which I have edited in Photoshop, adding some liquid from the bottle of "Freederm".
I chose Freederm because their target audience is similar to myself and my peers, who are - for the moment- my main audience.
Mixing autobiographical photography and illustration, the work will be a light hearted advert, which will be produced to make people smile and maybe help make light of their blemishes or insecurities.
Freederm's current advertisements can be seen on their website, below,

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