Saturday, 23 March 2013

CS6 Photoshop skills

With the autobiographical photographs from my first shoot in a studio, I have enhanced them using the newest version of Photoshop.
(The original images looked like the photo below before being edited)
Using personal experiences to build on the theme of beauty, I felt that the work needed to be funnier and more outrageous!
Step one; make a spot...
Ingredients= bubble wrap, paint, latex, ink.
Step two; apply make up on the edges and blend into skin...
Step three; using Photoshop duplicate the spot, changing the size using transform button, under Edit drop down box.
 Step four; using tools such as the blur tool, and paint brush with a low opacity, make the spots look more realistic. Pick out colours from the skin by clicking the colour palette in the bottom left of the program, and using the pipette dropper icon, to get a perfect match.

Step five; next I used the paint bucket to whiten the teeth, and a wide brush to create the puss effect on the hand. With the large blur tool, I pulled out the arms and shoulders to make myself fatter!

Step six; I liked the blurry effect, so making the hair wavy was done with the smudge tool, on a thinner setting, to look realistic at first glance and more graphical when up close.

The image above was more of a trial for the tools on Photoshop, the paint brush, the pencil, the colours, the thickness of the nibs etc.

 I wanted this image to be less realistic, giving the skin a very smooth and flat finish, and the hair more of a frizzy and wild effect.

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