Monday, 17 December 2012

Future Fashion....

Looking again for fashion predictions for the future...

(All  uploaded videos are from You Tube, and all bold writing is from the you tube clip itself)

"Uploaded on 2 Sep 2010.
This project aims to create a remarkable space with a whole new fashion retail concept. Giving an opportunity for different people to get together, consumers, designers, tailors, artists, visitors... In order to reeducate them new knowledge and ideas about fashion through participating the recreate processes. Also by reselling and remaking recycle materials to give a rebirth to discarded objects, at the same time to recall some of our lost memories. It is time to reform the traditional fashion system to a new way of thinking, interacting and living. So be prepared of the future by refashion your minds."

"Uploaded on 10 Jun 2009
OBSESS.BUY.COLLECT.READ.ADDICT...2fresh4yall (including bar/lounge, barber shop and clothing store) is a company/fashion gettogheter to show the unique soul in a person. Question is, how much do you know about the actual clothing items that you wear for the moment? Nothing? Not much? Worry no longer. 2fresh4yall brand servs not only as a fresh and up-to-date clothing linte/store but also as a learning center for urban culture. Take your chance, sit down with D. and chop it up about the... Our slogan is simple, "don't go with a style, create one." "

"Uploaded on 5 Sep 2011
Directed by Javier Barcala © La Fortuna Studio
Studio manager: Mark Douglas
Filmed and edited by Eleanna Gouvra
Soundtrack: 'Happy House' by Shindu (courtesy of Maison Kitsuné)
Make-up and hair: Steven Raes & Marie-Madeleine Baquet

© La Fortuna Studio 2011"

Another Interesting video, found on wimp website.

Thank you for viewing :)

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