Sunday, 6 November 2011

finding Jeffrey Fisher

Looking on "it'snicethat" website, i came across a name that ive not heard before, so when i saw the work, i wanted to do a little research.

This illustration looks to have had a lot of time put into its design, its quite complex in the layering of drawn aspects. I assume that since it is a book cover for a university prospectus, that there may have been a brief for the artist to use as guidelines for the peice. This is something i am starting to do, give myself clear deadlines and small projects. I hope that this will let me allow myself to produce some different sorts of works, which all have the same materials and tools.

Another observation i made about Fisher's work is the different coloured inks he uses for the drawings. This piece called "The book reviewer" for 'The New Republic', is as good as it is, in my eyes, because of the brown/orange coloured ink. It is slightly unusual, looks old, weathered, stained, i am a fan of it. The different line qualities bring it out of the screen, it doesnt look two dimensional, i feel like i can look around him almost.

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