Tuesday, 30 July 2013

STUDIOS in West Yorkshire

Myself and my friend Rosie have recently started renting a studio in Mirfield, part of the Creative Arts Hub.
This is how it looked before we moved in..
Then we had it painted..

and started to move bits of furniture in..

Slowly, but surely, 
we are adding more things to the walls, floors,
and hopefully more shelves will be going up soon.


This is our door,
an introduction to Rosie Thompson and Zoe Gale.
As we are both self admitted hoarders,
we cant throw anything away.
We even took these garden arches off of a fellow studio holder today,
as we couldn't bare to see them in the bin!
We'll find some use for them...
We are currently making bags, in the style of Claireabella,
to raise funds for
The Panache Cheerleaders
so they can cheer for the Bradford Bulls in Paris.

Here a few of the bags through various stages


Personalised Bags
Small bags... £12
Large bags... £18

For more information find us at;
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