Sunday, 9 June 2013

How to make the most out of small spaces

How to convert a Wendy House into an... 
Art Studio/ New Office/ Gardening Shed/The Dog's Boudoir
Yesterday I decided that it was about time for my old Wendy House to get a fresh look.
This is how it looked at 10:30am.

So after clearing out all of the rubbish, dust and spiders,
I swept and mopped the floor and walls.
The paint left over from our bathroom was used for the walls,
and I liked the thought of having my old bedroom colour, lilac, on the ceiling.
This is how it looked at 4:20pm.

Next, I brought in some of my old art work to brighten the place up.
This is how it looked at 5pm.

Then the sad part, bringing in all of the garden furniture etc.
But I was sneaky and convinced my mum to put some in storage under the house.
This is how it looked at 6pm.

I tried to make some of the walls still have some sort of style and design to them.

Muffin loves his new house.


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