Thursday, 10 March 2011

London photographs!

This is my favourite photograph from the whole trip. Here i am in the Borrowers room set, where everything is oversized and we look tiny in comparison! This was in the London Film Museum, here are some more photos from it...

Doctor Who stage set, i was always scared of the Daleks, so thought a photograph would help overcome that fear!

I took this photograph when we got off of a tube out onto ground level, its a real shame that this fountain was underneath a building which was covered in scafolding because then i could have gotten a better photograph of the whole thing. Nevertheless, the workmanship was amazing and this sculpture really got me excited for the War Horse show i was about to see the next day.

When i visited the British Museum this ancient head caught my attention, and held it for a long time, i dont know why i took so much interest in this particular one, but i decided to sit down and draw from it. After sitting there for a few minutes a group of foreigners walked into the room and stood behind me where i was on the bench, and started studying my drawing, all the time looking up into the glass cabinet to check how accurate i was. This spurred me on to want to make it a high quality drawing. I used 3 different inks to get the shading, and i am happy wioth the outcome, though it is not perfectly accurate, i like the piece's character, it looks asif it is alive in a way. I will try to scan this in at college, so that i can see any similarities or differences, maybe find ways to improve my techniques.

i took this photo whilst waiting to find out where my group had wandered off to! I think that i have a postcard from a few years back which looks similar to this. The roof is a peice of art in itself, i spent a good five minutes just leaning over the balcony up there, looking down at everyone.

This was a T.Rex in the London Film Museum, there was a smaller head on the ground which was controlled by a gear stick in a box, so whilst we were all concentrating on the small mechanical head, the large skeletal figure on the stage started moving and making noise, i managed to get a few shots of it in motion, i think this looks really magical!

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